Shauna Ahern on Gluten-Free Girl Every Day

The blogger and author discusses her newest book
Shauna Ahern on Gluten Free Girl Every Day

The blogger and author discusses her newest book

Gluten-Free Girl Every Day cookbook
Gluten-Free Girl

Gluten-Free Girl Every day

Living gluten-free can sometimes seem like an exercise in learning everything you can't have. But Gluten-Free Girl blogger and author Shauna Ahern wants to turn that perception upside-down and instead focus on everything gluten-free people can eat. Her newest cookbook, Gluten-Free Girl Every Day, aims to give recipes that are easy and meant for everyday life. Ahern notes that "People are afraid of cooking because they think it's going to take so long... and we want to show people that you can have beautiful food in not that long of a time."

She is especially proud of the baked goods, because so many people who are gluten-free often feel that they have to avoid them completely. Ahern says, "We really focused on 15 or 20 baked goods, our floury things that make people say 'I can have that?'"

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For more from Ahern, watch the video above! And if you want to learn more you can pick up Ahern's book or check out her Gluten-Free Girl website.