Shaq Debuts Line of Cream Soda

The basketball star moves from the court to the beverage business

AriZona Iced Tea launched Shaquille O’Neal’s line of cream soda at 7-Eleven convenience stores last week, according to a recent BuzzFeed article.

Cleverly named "Soda Shaq," O’Neal’s beverage flavors mirror that of an old-school ice cream truck and include Blueberry Cream Soda, Orange Cream Soda, Strawberry Cream Soda, and Vanilla Cream Soda. They're advertised as providing less calories than competing cream sodas and containing all-natural ingredients, but it is a little unsettling that the cans state they only contain "1% Juice" — where does the rest of that blueberry flavor come from?


The drinks come in the typical 24-ounce sized AriZona cans and boast the slogan "A Big Can for the Big Man," playing off O’Neal’s renowned height and displaying various images of his smiling face. While O’Neal’s height may be an advantage on the basketball court, perhaps it may not be so beneficial in cream soda packaging, as 24 ounces is a lot of sugary sweetness to ingest. Maybe Shaq should stick to the court…