Shake Shack Made a Jeremy Lin-Inspired Shake

... and other pieces of 'Linsanity' for food enthusiasts to bite into

Last week, "Linsanity" officially crossed over into food geek territory when beloved New York City burger institution, Shake Shake, debuted a special "Jeremy Lin-Mint" milk shake.

The slam dunk of a shake, inspired by the insta-superstar Knicks point guard, consisted of a mix of chocolate ice cream, mint-chocolate fudge, and cookies, and was available for $5.75 at Shake Shack locations city-wide (and also at the Westport, Conn., joint for good measure). Per the burger chain's Facebook page, "#Linsanity abounds, so we figure why not jump in the game?" Here's the bad news: The special offer ended Feb. 19. (Where's the petition to add Shake Shack to the new Madison Square Garden vendor lineup, and make the Jeremy Lin-Mint their signature shake?)

But, as Fox News so keenly pointed out, there are plenty more opportunities for fans to get their Lin-inspired food and drink fix at establishments around the city. From "Lintinis" and "Lin and Tonics" to "Lings" (Asian-inspired wings) and "Lin bugers," establishments are clamoring for a piece of the (apparently quite profitable) Linsanity pie.