Shake Shack Made a Jeremy Lin-Inspired Shake

... and other pieces of 'Linsanity' for food enthusiasts to bite into

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Last week, "Linsanity" officially crossed over into food geek territory when beloved New York City burger institution, Shake Shake, debuted a special "Jeremy Lin-Mint" milk shake.

The slam dunk of a shake, inspired by the insta-superstar Knicks point guard, consisted of a mix of chocolate ice cream, mint-chocolate fudge, and cookies, and was available for $5.75 at Shake Shack locations city-wide (and also at the Westport, Conn., joint for good measure). Per the burger chain's Facebook page, "#Linsanity abounds, so we figure why not jump in the game?" Here's the bad news: The special offer ended Feb. 19. (Where's the petition to add Shake Shack to the new Madison Square Garden vendor lineup, and make the Jeremy Lin-Mint their signature shake?)

But, as Fox News so keenly pointed out, there are plenty more opportunities for fans to get their Lin-inspired food and drink fix at establishments around the city. From "Lintinis" and "Lin and Tonics" to "Lings" (Asian-inspired wings) and "Lin bugers," establishments are clamoring for a piece of the (apparently quite profitable) Linsanity pie.