Sexist Food Advertisements That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Who green-lighted these?

Because women... don't have hands?

For some reason, there are a whole lot of advertisements that are incredibly sexist, and many of them revolve around food. Perhaps it goes back to the old chauvinist maxim that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, and that all men need to do when they get home from work is sit down at the table and be fed. While the majority of the most sexist ads ever date back to the post-war era, there are plenty of modern ads that are head-scratchingly sexist as well.


We’re not even sure what this ad is getting at, but it’s definitely sexist.

Chase & Sanborn

I’m sorry, what?

Del Monte Ketchup

Wow, a woman can open a bottle? That’s news to us!

Dr Pepper 10

Yes, tell half the population that they shouldn’t buy your product. That’ll work!

‘Top Chef Canada’

This ad caused quite a stir when it tried to rustle up some boys versus girls drama. The show has since been cancelled.

Ironized Yeast


Do men hate the sight of you because you’re just some skinny dame? Try some ironized yeast, whatever that is!