Sex It Up with 9 Frisky Foods

The ins and outs of food sex

Get in the mood with these nine foods

With the onset of these drowsy summer days, we’re all looking for ways to keep things hot and interesting in the bedroom come nightfall. Everyone knows to kick a romantic night off with a couple of aphrodisiacs to get in the mood, but why not continue to indulge two of our most animalistic impulses — hunger and carnality — in the bedroom?

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When most people think of frisky foods, whipped cream and chocolate sauce probably top the list. But guess what? Not only are they hackneyed and uncreative, but they can turn into a major mess, both in your sheets and for your health. Chocolate sauce and whipped cream, for example, both have oil in them that break down the latex in condoms (we assume you’re using condom sense here), and also threaten to throw off critical pH balances that can bring about infections. Not to mention the sticky mess these foods are sure to leave on your sheets.

So what’s a couple hungering to shake things up in the bedroom to do? Here at The Daily Meal we’ve compiled a list of foods to get frisky with, without the mess or risk. From meaty underpants to a Fruit Loops garter belt, there’s at least one food on the list to spark everyone’s interest, no matter what your foodie fetish is.

Do you have any bedroom food ideas you don’t see on the list? Share your idea in the comment section below.


This post was originally published on July 3, 2012.



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