Serious Eats’ Kenji López-Alt Gets Column in Cooking Light

His 'The Food Lab' is one of the food site’s most popular features
Cooking Light

J. Kenji López-Alt’s writing is one of food website’s most popular features. He’s the site’s chief creative officer, but also has a degree from MIT and spent time working on America’s Test Kitchen. His "The Food Lab" columns tackle everything from making the perfect burger, grilled cheese, and steak to dry-aging beef at home, the secret to good wonton soup, and foolproof instructions on poaching eggs. By breaking down cooking into a true molecular science, and not being afraid to drop some AP-level knowledge about, for example, why fat equals flavor, he’s developed a legion of fans who have been missing Good Eats- level food geekdom (he’s even filmed some cooking segments with Alton Brown himself).

Cooking Light has announced that beginning with their June issue, he’ll be writing a new column called "Help Me, Kenji," in which he "will deploy his trademark skills of unraveling the science behind cooking everyday foods at home," according to a release.

"Kenji’s one of the new generation of cooks who are as happy on the geek side as the foodie side," Cooking Light editor Scott Mowbray said. "Each column will be a little laboratory in how to solve a problem — produce a risotto that doesn’t seize up too fast, get your wok hot enough for real stir-frying, that kind of thing."

His first column tackles making the perfect marinade, and is on newsstands now. 

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