Serial Vodka Theft In Rhode Island

Staff Writer
Man arrested after he got away with several liquor store robberies

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Vodka is many people’s drink of choice, but that stuff’s expensive (especially Ciroc!). In Warwick, Rhode Island, a man pocketed bottles of Ciroc vodka before leaving the store, and was suspected to be involved in a series of other liquor store thefts.

Unfortunately, the thief wasn’t too slick about it. "It's just blatant. The guy takes the bottles, puts them in his pocket, walks out, thinks nothing of it, goes to another store. He's going store to store," said Paul Joyal to NBC News. The owner of Joyal’s Liquors in West Warwicks explained how his store was one of which was robbed.

Fortunately, many liquor stores are secured with surveillance cameras. Mike Mangili, owner of Microtech Surveillance Systems, manages the cameras at several of the liquor stores. "You could tell he was a little nervous, but he's very comfortable because he's getting away with it" Mangili said of the thief’s strategy, using baggy pants.

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Tawan Burgess of Warwick was later charged with two counts of shoplifting from Haxton’s Liquor store, as well as Haxton’s West Bay Liquors. He is suspected of robbing some other stores in the area as well. "Years back it used to really make you angry. Today, I almost expect it. People have no morals anymore," Joyal said. Maybe he should’ve checked out our list of best dive bars if he wanted a cheap drink…