Sephardic Charoset Truffles Recipe

Sephardic Charoset Truffles Recipe
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Traditional Sephardic charoset is somewhat different from what most of us are familiar with here in America. While Ashkenazi mixtures usually include apples, walnuts, and wine, Sephardic charosets are generally date-based and include a variety of nuts (almonds, pine nuts, pistachios). One of the more interesting ways charoset is served in the Middle East is in a ball or truffle form. Moroccan seders will often serve these “Charoset Balls” rather than the spreadable charoset we are more familiar with here in America. I use pistachios because I love them, but you can substitute any nut of your choice. Making the truffles is a very sticky process, so be prepared to scrub your hands afterwards! Parents should process the ingredients in the food processor. Kids will love rolling these candy-like treats, then dipping them in the cinnamon-sugar mixture.