Seoul Sausage Food Truck: LA Sausage Truck With A Little Bit of Seoul

LA Sausage Truck With A Little Bit of Seoul

Want to know what passion, word of mouth, and crazy good Korean BBQ create? Seoul Sausage, a venture started by two families — the Kims and the Ohs. Launched in 2010, these guys kicked things off with their Kalbi, marinated short ribs, and their spicy pork sausages. The food was so good it gave birth to a legion of fans eager wait in line at street fairs. Movie studios and Fortune 500 companies have catered events with this outstanding fare, and both wineries and chefs have made requests for private orders. They also basically managed to figure out a way to time the launch of their brick-and-mortar restaurant to them winning Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race. Top that.