Secret to Everlasting Youth: Roquefort Cheese

Thus explaining why the French live so much longer

So, we're just going to be eating a ton of Roquefort and other stinky cheeses all through the holidays (we don't care if it gives us hangovers; there are cures for that). Researchers have found that Roquefort cheese might be the food fountain of youth, explaining why French women live on average for 85.3 years while a British female's life expectancy is only 82.3 years.

According to the Telegraph, Roquefort and other moldy cheeses have been found to have anti-inflammatory compounds that help fight cardiovascular disease. "Observations indicate that consumption of red wine alone cannot explain the paradox and perhaps some other constituents of the typical French diet could be responsible for reduced cardiovascular mortality," a study in the Medical Hypothesis journal said. This means a combination of the red wine's resveratrol and the cheese's anti-inflammatory compounds might just be the key.

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Researchers at Lycotech, a Cambridge biotech company, hope to channel these compounds into drugs to fight disease, plus anti-aging cream and other beauty products. But while the rest of you are smearing deconstructed cheese on your face, we'll be having it with some port. Excuse us, we're off to get drunk on red wine and cheese and become eternally young.