SD26's Signature Uovo Still Soul-Saving


After a 20-year run on Central Park South, Tony May's San Domenico closed in 2008, reopening as SD26 a year later with chef Odette Fada. Chef Matteo Bergamini (formerly of Daniel) has since taken over the open kitchen, viewable from the windowless two-story dining room.

The "Uovo," a transplant from the original restaurant, is still on the menu, and when it was served in November, the soft egg yolk-filled raviolo with truffled butter was served with the addition of a generous helping of shaved white truffles.

Your fork cuts through thin pasta, that warm yolk immediately gushes out, mixing with the truffle butter. Warm, rich, and comforting are understatements. The four or five bites I used to down this were some of the best of the year. And for these reasons this dish made my list of most memorable meals of 2011.

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