Science Proves Umami's Existence and More News

In today's Media Mix, Los Angeles gets some pizza wars, plus Barry Becher passes away
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

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Barry Becher Passes Away: One of the creators of hokey Ginsu knives commercials, Barry Becher, has passed away at 71. [NY Times]

Reviewing 'The Fifth Taste': A book looks at the history and science behind umami, the oft-pondered "fifth taste" that everyone has been chattering about for years. [Art of Eating]

Los Angeles Finally Gets Some Pizza Action:In a roundup of the best pizza in the city, it seems like Los Angeles is ramping up their pie selections, starting some serious Neapolitan wars. [LA Confidential]

Tips for Drinking All Day:  And not passing out. For starters? Pace yourself. [Gizmodo]

Restaurant Critic Q&A: Sure, you may want to be a restaurant critic, but it's actually pretty difficult. The restaurant critic for the San Francisco Examiner spills all. [Art of Manliness]

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