Schools Create Dinner Programs, and More News

In today's Media Mix, the debate heats up in California's ban against foie gras, plus the effects of food poisoning

The Daily Meal's Media Mix brings you the biggest news around the food world.

Schools Add Dinner Programs: Good news for hungry kids who rely on school-subsidized meals to get by: All 50 states now offer some sort of subsidized dinner program, a result of the recession's impact on child hunger. [NPR/Salt]

Outrage Against Foie Gras Ban: Chef Russel Jackson speaks out against the impending Californian ban on foie gras with a protest dinner called "FU Foie Gras." [Restaurant News]

In Defense of Amateur Food Photography: Now, with Instagram's new deal with Facebook, food photography is only bound to increase; one founder of a food photography app, called Platter, defends the desire to snap a photo at the dinner table. [Guardian]

Food Poisoning Impacts Long-Term Health: Suffered a bad bout of food poisoning a few years ago? While reports of food poisoning are on the rise, new research has found that infections like salmonella can have long-term consequences on health for years to come. [Huffington Post]

Fast Food Goes Green: In an effort to keep customers happy and coming back, fast-food giants like McDonald's and Norway's Max Burgers have made eco-friendly changes to their packaging, ingredient sourcing, and meatless options. [TIME]