Say Thank You with ThankThank Notes

Bring the sentiment back with snail mail and high-tech charm

Let’s face it — we’ve lost many courteous traditions thanks to the Internet. While we may all know what our friends ate for lunch thanks to Twitter, many of the personalized, sentimental customs have gone down the drain. 

Did your friends bring a pie to your house last week when they came for dinner? Did you thank Mom for that thoughtful gift you received a few weeks ago? Sure, a quick thank you email would suffice, but not as much as a card would. 

Yes, we’re talking about "snail mail" — it still exists and isn’t going anywhere. Now, you can say thank you with old-school etiquette and high-tech charm. With ThankThank notes, you don’t have to worry about buying the card, the stamp, or even mailing it yourself — just choose a card on the site, fill out the message, and the team at ThankThank will handwrite your note and mail it in a real, paper envelope (for a $3 fee). 

So, for the next party you host, after the next interview, or even when your sister brought you chicken soup when you were home sick, send a card — it still resonates, believe us.