Say Hello to Anne Hathaway’s Vegan Boots

The lengths we’ll go for animal love

OK, this never happens — and I mean never — but I made a fashion faux pas. I was convinced the "bondage boots" that Anne Hathaway wore to the Les Miserables premiere that have the Internet abuzz this afternoon were for sure vintage Balenciaga.

Boy, was I wrong. Behold the vegan boot, made custom for the actress by Tom Ford. The designer created the seriously intricate and show-stopping look from faux leather to accommodate Hathaway's vegan lifestyle.

This isn’t Hathaway’s first food-related moment in relation to the much-anticipated film. She has stunned on the red carpet, due in large part of course to her svelte look after dropping 30 pounds for the role, and she claimed she didn’t eat for nearly the entire length of production. Oh yeah, and she chopped all her hair off on top of it all.

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Talk about dedication to a role — she better get the Oscar.