Say Goodbye To Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil was all the rage when it was introduced to the world in 1910, but as with most products, the foil industry is constantly adopting new changes and developments. Vacumet Corp. recently unveiled their compostable packaging paper, so the sandwich and chips you take for lunch will now help your hunger pains and the environment.

Joe Formosa, Director of Business & Technical Development at Vacumet, says "Our new line of compostable metallized papers offers a greener alternative to the foils currently used in food packaging."

The new innovative foil is available in several weights to accommodate most products. Vacumet's new "greener" approach will not impact the visual appearance, in other words the bright color and graphics that make us buy the largest bag a chips for a party of one.

The new biodegradable foil will be used to package several of Vacumet clients' products such as chips, cookies, crackers, coffee, and pet food. So soon even your pets will have less of a carbon footprint.