Sandwiches to Make for Your Boyfriend That Will Blow His Mind

Leave him speechless and full with these outrageous sandwiches

Men can certainly be difficult from time to time. So can ladies — however, when it comes down to matters of the heart, we know how to reach men: their stomachs. Cliché's aside, we’re pretty sure that if you present your boyfriend, fiancé, husband — heck even Dad and brother — with a great meal, they’ll be satisfied. 

Knock his socks off with these sandwiches!

Ladies, I don’t know about you, but when I try to talk about feminism and my boyfriend is like, "Make me a sandwich!" I’m like, well OK! If that happens to you frequently (boys will be boys), you might be running out of sandwiches.

Here are some sandwiches that will make his day a little bit more special and blow him away. See more at Insanewiches.

Lauren Passel, How About We

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