Sandwich of the Week: West Palm Beach's Grease Beast

Grease Burger Bar's two grilled cheese sandwich burger is a juicy behemoth.
Grease Burger Bar
Grease Burger Bar

Grease Burger Bar

Grease Burger Bar in West Palm Beach has a menu featuring different soups, sandwiches, chicken wings, and bratwursts, and almost just as many types of burgers, and 'burger bling' to trick them out. But looking over the menu there's one thing that stands out, an eponymous sandwich whose name is an inherent challenge to any sandwich afficionado: The Grease Beast.

Grease Burger Bar's signature cheeseburger starts with two American cheese grilled cheese sandwiches — but not just any grilled cheese, applewood bacon grilled cheese sandwiches. There's tomato and shredded lettuce, a thick, griddled 10-ounce patty covered in dripping Cabot Cheddar, cheese sauce. It doesn't stop there. It's also topped with Ranch dressing, French fries, and thin crispy-flaking onion rings. As the menu notes, it's "not for the faint of heart."

Executive Chef Jason Fallmann explained this monster cheeseburger's origins, "Messing around in the kitchen one day, I decided that I wanted to create something at Grease that represented the name and character of what we embody here. A huge flavorful, juicy monster such as the Grease Beast."

Food Network South Beach Wine & Food might want to listen up — sounds like a potential local contender for an upcoming Burger Bash...

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