Sandwich of the Week: The Take 5 Reuben

Taking a chance on an unassuming neighborhood market

Sandwiches at the Take 5 Urban Market.

When I first moved into my neighborhood, and would frequently jog past this slightly rundown looking grocery store in Seattle's Ballard district called The Wicker Basket (odd name for a place with a Ranier beer and lotto sign in the window), I had only stopped in once, and had no intention of returning. That didn't change for a while after the shop had been renamed Take 5 Urban Market in 2009. Then one day I was in the mood for a sandwich, and when I started searching for delis in the area, great reviews for Take 5 Urban Market kept popping up, so I decided to give it another shot.

When I went, I looked through the sandwich list, and decided on the Take 5 Reuben. I’m a sucker for pastrami and corned beef, and was curious to see how this version fared. I ordered it to-go so I could enjoy my lunch on the comfort of my couch. It took about five to 10 minutes for the sandwich to be made, which gave me time to look around the little market. It was much different than the old place — much cleaner, a little more upscale, with a better selection of products.

When I got home with my sandwich, I opened the box and snapped a picture before diving in. The Reuben was excellent. The bread was toasted on the outside, giving it a wonderful crunch, and the corned beef was wonderfully tender and juicy with just the right amount of saltiness. The meat was sliced a little thick; however, it was tender enough that I didn’t have to worry about pulling all of the meat out of the sandwich in one bite. But unlike a traditional Reuben, this version didn’t have sauerkraut and Russian dressing. Rather, it was topped with coleslaw and a spicy mayo. Both ingredients worked incredibly well, offering another textural dimension, with a bit of freshness and acidity.

When it comes to simple, delicious, food, Take 5 Urban Market is the perfect place to go (and it’s a double bonus that it is less than five minutes from my house). This shop epitomizes the perfect neighborhood market and restaurant.


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