Sandwich of the Week: Meander's Kitchen's Full Monte

The perfect way to bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch

More than just your average Monte Cristo sandwich

Should you be a bruncher sitting down to a meal around brunchtime, flipping back and forth between the French toast and French dip, the pancakes and the pan-fried halibut, forever faced with that eternal dilemma of breakfast or lunch — flip no more; Meander’s Kitchen in Seattle has the answer.

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Being a lover of brunch, you’ve no doubt heard of the Monte Cristo, a riff on the croque monsieur, its ham and cheese fried golden. Meander's Kitchen's Full Monte is the doped-up bicycling cousin of that tamer beast. “Chief Hash Slinger” Miranda Krone has taken the Monte Cristo and bulked it up, layering generous slices of ham, turkey, Swiss and cheddar between sliced bread and then dunking the hedonistic creation in vanilla bourbon French toast batter, lending the whole affair a richly sweet overtone

Lucky for everyone in Seattle, Krone doesn’t cut corners – or calories – when it comes to Meander’s. Krone just shuttered her original West Seattle location and now operates out of a larger space in White Center. This is greasy diner food at its best, with the casual, well-worn-but-still-loved feeling of a local dive bar (except at 10 a.m. instead of 10 p.m.).

Point your appetite's compass to Seattle and pop into Meander’s for a Full Monte – it’s edible therapy, served up every day of the week.


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