Sandwich of the Week: LAX International Dog

Airport 'must-eats?' A Pink's hot dog exclusive to LAX.

Pink's menu.

It has only been a few months since the latest installment of Pink's started serving hot dogs in Los Angeles at the Tom Bradley International Terminal of LAX. So you're excused if you haven't yet heard of the special hot dog that's only available at this location.

This, the eighth Pink's stand (and the first at an airport) serves up the LAX International Dog ($5.70). "It was designed by an airport employee in a hot dog creation contest held amongst all LAX employees," co-owner Richard Pink noted. "It is the most popular hot dog at Pink’s at LAX. It is a 9-inch all beef, hot dog, topped with three slices of bacon, sauerkraut, shredded cheese and chopped tomatoes."

The chili is classic Pink's (small ground), the dog is surrounded by fine shredded kraut and melted cheese that clings to it and pulls away in sticky threads. The soft bun gets squishy, there's a slight snap of the link, and a satisfying feeling that you've eaten one of the best things you can find while waiting at a terminal.

Pink's Hot Dogs, LAX, Tom Bradley International Terminal.