Sandwich of the Week: Grant’s Stack at Home Grown

Move over fried chicken, tomatoes are the ultimate Southern comfort food

The Grant's Stack at Home Grown in Atlanta

With organizations like the Southern Foodways Alliance entering their 14th year, white-hot restaurants like Sean Brock's Husk, and the widespread consumption of fried chicken, barbecued meats, and mashed potatoes, it's clear that this country loves Southern food. If you happen to fall into the category of people who regularly crave cornbread, biscuits with gravy, or any sort of cobbler, it’s probably time to plan a trip to Home Grown in Atlanta for their Grant’s Stack sandwich.

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Home Grown exudes a classic diner feel with cherry-red vinyl seats and chrome bar stools. It’s a thriving daytime hangout for locals and hungry travelers alike, and the Grant's Stack has become a signature, not-so-hidden gem. In fact, it was a customer who first created the sandwich, ordering the combination as a special request from the kitchen. The guy sitting next to him saw it come out, ordered the same, and the rest is history.

Grant’s Stack is Southern comfort food's Sunday best jammed between two pieces of thick-cut, golden Texas toast, stuffed with panko-breaded fried green tomatoes, homemade pimiento cheese, and that patron saint of piggy parts — bacon. Perhaps saintliest of all, this giant sandwich can be yours for only 10 bucks.



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