Sandwich of the Week: The County General’s Fried Chicken

Toronto’s The County General makes a fried chicken sandwich with a sensational twist

The County General's fried chicken sandwich is a zesty rendition of the classic

If you’re looking for Southern-comfort food in Toronto, The County General is the place to go. Located on Queen Street West, this modern yet rustic restaurant is a cozy place to hang out and feast on some hearty soul food.

While they have a variety of different menus for brunch, dinner, Sunday Supper, and Monday Bourbon brunch, one of their best menus is the simplest: the lunch menu. Instead of having a variety of different dish types, The County General’s lunch menu consists mostly of traditional sandwiches with the exception of one salad and side dish options. Each classic sandwich on the menu is made with a minor tasty twist –there is a falafel sandwich with garlic sauce instead of the go-to tahini, a pulled pork sandwich with pineapple salsa, and a filet o’ fish with Thousand Island dressing instead of tartar sauce.

But even so, these sandwiches are nothing compared to The County General’s most renowned sandwich (and our Sandwich of the Week): the fried chicken thigh sandwich.

Made with chicken from Toronto’s Cumbrae’s farm, this sandwich is fresh and perfectly portioned for any diner to enjoy. Instead of frying the chicken and throwing it on a bun with lettuce, honey mustard and mayo, The County General’s fried chicken sandwich is made with a zesty twist. The chicken thigh is fried, soaked in buttermilk, then topped with avocado chutney, cilantro, and pickled onions between two milk bun rounds. The chicken is warm, juicy, and fried to perfection, yet it is not a greasy overload. Put it all together and the chutney and cilantro add a burst of freshness to the buttery chicken while the pickled onions add a final element of zest.

It’s simply the perfect makeover for one of the most humble sandwiches around.


Skyler Bouchard is a junior writer at the Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter at @skylerbouchard