Sandwich of the Week: Con Pane’s Italian Salami Sandwich

This sandwich shop is one the most dangerous places in San Diego, in a good way

San Diego's Con Pane is best known for wide selection of house-baked bread.

The folks at Con Pane Rustic Breads & Café in San Diego really know their way around a sandwich. The shop itself may look unassuming, but inside they’re baking fresh bread every day and topping it with some delicious ingredient combinations.

The shop offers plenty of bread varieties, including seeded and unseeded Italian bread, ciabatta, seasonal specials like Irish soda bread and hot cross buns, sweet scones, and even a chocolate bread on the weekends. The list of available breads takes up half the menu alone!

But it’s what goes inside the bread that really makes Con Pane special. Their "Almost Grilled Cheese" has entered San Diego lore, and their Cobb sandwiches, with both turkey and vegetables, are true classics. The Italian Salami Sandwich, though, preferably on their olive oil bread, is near perfection.

The sandwich starts with two thick slices of fresh-baked bread, which get topped with thin-sliced dry Italian salami, romaine lettuce, house-roasted Roma tomatoes, spicy pepperoncini, and olive oil infused with basil pesto.

The sandwich is a true work of art. No one ingredient overpowers any other, and it’s not so filled with oil and salami that it weighs you down. The roasted tomatoes impart a ton of flavor, and on the whole it’s a sandwich that’s hard to find fault with.  

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