BiNA Osteria's Porchetta Sandwich

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This Sandwich of the Week is an ultimate dish for Boston's pork lovers
Porchetta sandwich
Ali Rosen

Porchetta sandwich

Most meat lovers will agree that everything is better with bacon. But Boston's BiNA Osteria has come up with a sandwich that takes it a step further and gives us an offering with two kinds of pork products to make one irresistable dish.

Their porchetta sandwich is inspired by central Italy's street food and the love they have there for whole-roasted pigs. The restaurant takes a pork shoulder and slow-roasts it with a paste of fennel pollen, sage, rosemary, and capers. As if that weren't enough pork, they add the shoulder to a brioche that's already stuffed with a hefty portion of prosciutto. They add arugula, a lemon-olive oil sauce, and a tomme cheese from Boggy Meadow Farm in New Hampshire.

That many items in a sandwich may seem too heavy for lunch, but with a delightfully light bun and the arugula and lemon combo, it somehow turns a seemingly dense pork-filled sandwich into a light, perfectly seasoned meal.

For those not looking for a pork fix, BiNA Osteria offers a few other sandwiches during lunch, including a grilled cheese with basil, mozzerella, and prosciutto; lamb sausage on a brioche; and chicken confit with pancetta and onions. Vegetarians may not have a sandwich option, but there are a selection of salads and pastas to do the trick.

Pork lovers, rejoice. 

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