Sandwich of the Week: Big-Ass Sandwiches’ Pork Hammer


Big-Ass Sandwiches' Pork Hammer, featuring bacon, sausage, ham, hand-cut fries and homemade coleslaw.

Have you ever had trouble deciding between breakfast meats? First bacon catches your eye, then sausage, then back to the bacon, and from afar, you hear ham calling your name. Now, you don’t have to choose. From Portland’s food cart sensation Big-Ass Sandwiches comes the Pork Hammer, featuring a triple-whammy of sizzling bacon, steaming ham, and sausage, stuffed into a soft sandwich roll along with homemade coleslaw and hand-cut fries. It packs a punch (or should we say, hammer) powerful enough to knock you into a food coma for hours.

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Make no mistake — this is no pinnacle of culinary finesse packaged into some sort of stunning presentation. Big-Ass Sandwiches is unapologetically tongue-in-cheek about their business, founded on the principle of "squashing big hunger in its tracks." And don’t think the fries on the Pork Hammer were an anomaly — each and every sandwich, from the Big-Ass Breakfast Sandwich to the Big-Ass French Dip and even the Big-Ass Vegetarian, is packed with fresh hand-cut fries.

In addition to their regular menu, Big-Ass Sandwiches also offers creatively named specials like the Loose Susan (a riff on sloppy Joes), the Big-Ass Pop and Lock Con Puerco, the Meatloaf Smeatloaf Double Beatloaf, and the Big-Ass Cordon Bleu Myself. If you’re ever in Portland, head over to Big-Ass Sandwiches for oversized sandwiches with a hearty helping of profanity on the side.



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