Sandwich of the Week: Bark Hot Dogs’ Crispy Pork Sandwich

This Brooklyn gut-buster takes the best parts of the pig to the deep-fryer

Bark's Crispy Pork Sandwich

Joshua Sharkey definitely knows a thing or two about meat. About three years ago, he opened his own hot dog shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Bark Hot Dogs.

Sharkey takes pride in Bark's fresh meats and extensive selection of griddled sausages. There are seven different kinds of hot dogs on the menu, and a beef dog can be prepared upon request. But don’t let the name fool you; Bark Hot Dogs has much more to offer than roasted franks on a bun. Their menu also consists of organic chicken wings, a buttermilk chicken sandwich, gravy fries, and a deep-fried surprise: the crispy pork sandwich. 

This sandwich is far from the typical pork sandwich: a breaded and deep-fried pork shoulder and belly patty, bread and butter pickles, lime, mayo, and habanero slaw are all squished between two toasted potato roll rounds. The pork shoulder and belly used in the sandwich are freshly produced by Berkshire Farms and then acquired by Bark Hot Dogs to be used in this edible masterpiece. The slaw consists of cabbage, sweet peppers, habaneros, and a dash of mayo.

Take a bite of this bad boy and feel the porky goodness oozing out of its fried barrier onto the soft bun. The pork is succulent and crispy and is complemented by the tangy, yet cool habanero slaw and the tart bread and butter pickles. The lime and mayo give it an extra kick and help to cut through the richness.  

This crispy pork sandwich has a lot more to offer than its simple name implies.

Skyler Bouchard is a junior writer for the Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter at @skylerbouchard.


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