Deep-Fried Starbucks Coffee Is a Thing That Exists Now

Some evil geniuses figured out how to deep-fry coffee

Deep-fried Starbucks coffee is a pretty good reason to go to the fair. 

There’s nothing like a fair to remind a person that anything that can be fried will be fried. Some evil fair food geniuses have pushed that technology to new highs, because deep-fried Starbucks coffee is a thing that exists now.

According to Foodbeast, the new deep-fried coffee comes from the Bacon-A-Fair booth at the San Diego Fair, where it is served in a Starbucks-branded paper cup. The deep-fried coffee actually looks like a deep-fried doughnut hole filled with coffee grounds, served on a stick and topped with whipped cream. It's meant to taste like coffee with cream and sugar, but folded into batter and deep fried.

The Bacon-A-Fair people may have finally invented a Starbucks item less healthful than the Frappuccino, but everyone is going to want to try it. The deep-fried coffee is available at the San Diego Fair and reportedly will be traveling along to other fairs throughout the summer.