Sammy DeMarco, Frank Coraci Team Up for 'Chow Masters'

A Las Vegas restaurateur and Hollywood director hit the road to find the most creative renditions of classic American foods
Travel Channel

Chef Sammy Demarco and director Frank Coraci are the 'Chow Masters.'

Las Vegas restaurateur and director Frank Coraci (The Wedding Singer, Waterboy) have teamed up for Chow Masters, an upcoming travelogue with a “competitive approach to the food we love to eat most.” Think fried chicken, burgers, mac and cheese, and other American staples.

Each episode will focus a team of three relatively unknown chefs, who will compete to be named the best creator of an episode’s highlighted dish. The winning chef will receive the “Golden Skillet” award and a $10,000 prize.

The first two episodes of Chow Masters will premiere back-to-back and feature New York and Nashville. In New York, the duo will hunt for the three best breakfast sandwiches, one of which we’re told involves a Bloody Mary sauce. Next, chef Sammy and Frank will head to Nashville in search of the three most creative barbecue sandwiches.

Chow Masters will premiere on the Travel Channel on Tuesday, April 22nd at 9 p.m. EST.

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