Sam’s Club Reportedly Selling Barrels of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

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Sam’s Club Reportedly Selling Barrels of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

Sam's Club is selling barrels of Jack Daniel's whiskey...and it's not cheap!

Reportedly, Sam’s Club is selling barrels of Jack Daniel’s whiskey. You read that right — barrels. According to The Huffington PostReddit user vamonos_pest stumbled upon this sale in their local store, and had the good sense to share it with the Internet. The barrel was being sold for $9,660. Most Sam’s Club customers probably don’t have that much cash lying around to purchase an entire barrel of whiskey, but the news prompted several Reddit users to comment. Reddit user domanator1 posted a similar picture of a Jack Daniel’s barrel of whiskey that is sold at his local Sam’s Club for a more reasonable price ($7,680). So now it seems people around the country are flocking to Sam’s Club to catch a deal on the whiskey barrels.

While Jack Daniel’s isn’t necessarily the crème de la crème of whiskey, we’re sure a few lovers of the brand will be thrilled with the opportunity to purchase this excessive amount of booze. Think of the frenzy of beloved cocktails that could be created — or just a few hundred Jack and Cokes.



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