Salted Chocolate Mousse

Salty and sweet is one of the best possible combinations — and when combined with a treat as delectable as chocolate mousse, everyone is happy. Alexandra Rabbani of Salt of the Earth Bakery shows the steps to using salted chocolate mousse in a variety of ways in the video above. The video goes through how to make the mousse, starting with having the best ingredients. Then she details step-by-step how to turn the chocolate into a fluffy, perfect mousse.

Rabbani also shows different uses for mousse once it is complete — including placing it in tarts or creating an elegant chocolate, cherry, and whipped cream concoction. She also details how to properly add salt — not only is the ratio of salt important, but the type of salt is as well.

For all of these tips and more, watch the video above, and if you're hungry for salted desserts you can always visit Salt of the Earth Bakery to buy some of their delicious treats!