Sadly, Meatball Shop in Chelsea Not Opening Any Time Soon

We chatted with Daniel Holzman about the restaurant's upcoming locations
Jane Bruce

Last night at New York City Wine & Food Festival's Meatball Madness, while Michael Chernow was kissing girls on the cheek for votes, we chatted with Daniel Holzman about when exactly their third Meatball Shop will open.

"You know what, we’ve had a hard time with permits and getting through everyhting," Holzman said, dashing our hopes of Meatball Shop lunches in Chelsea. "We’re also really excited about the shop; this is the first time we think we can make it right from the very start so we’re taking our time."


Well, at least there's more to look forward to. Next up on the Meatball Shop plate: "Upper East Side," Holzman confirmed. "Bringing it home to the original stomping ground of Michael Chernow and Daniel Holzman." But it looks like the meatballers will be sticking around New York; Holzman tells us there are no current plans for expansions into other cities (although they’re not ruling it out, naturally). But can we please fast-track the UES location? This writer in particular just so happens to live there.