Sabai Sabai: Thai Tapas? Why Not!

Thai Tapas? Why Not!

Most Thai restaurants these days tend to stick to what’s tried and true, expected and mundane: pad thai, drunk man noodles, coconut curry, curry puffs, and the like. At Sabai Sabai, though, you can expect the unexpected. By taking familiar dishes and turning them on their heads, shrinking them or reinventing them entirely, owners Jeff and Nuit Regular have breathed new life into Toronto’s Thai food scene.

The couple’s creations (or, more specifically, chef Nuit's) are much closer to Thai-style tapas than anything else you might want to call it. Khao soi, on a bed of noodles, is creamy and satisfying. Her Panang shrimp are fiery and crave-worthy. Stir-fried morning glory stems, shrimp in the shell topped with basil, and spicy beef soup with crushed peanuts and flat rice noodles are all outrageously delicious, and will all leave you wanting just a little bit more.

When you’re there, though, don’t forget about the cocktails: after trying their mojitos, you’ll be muddling Kaffir lime along with your mint from there on out.