Ryan Gosling Wants The Dairy Industry To Save The Cows; We Swoon

Legitimate hero and the man who should've been named Sexiest Man Alive for the past two years Ryan Gosling just upped his cuddle factor. The Crazy Stupid Love (and The Notebook) actor teamed up with PETA to write a letter against dehorning, a process that burns horn tissue or gouges horns out of cows' heads.

"I respectfully urge the National Milk Producers Federation to take the lead in stopping this barbaric practice by requiring farmers to phase out dehorning by breeding for polled, or naturally hornless, cattle," Gosling writes in a letter.

This isn't the first time Gosling has stood up for the animals; back in 2011, Gosling, Zooey Deschanel, and other celebrities wrote a letter to McDonald's, urging the fast-food chain to ensure that their egg suppliers treat their animals well. First chickens, and now cows.

Check out Gosling's full letter here, as he sexily demands the industry change, saying, "There is absolutely no reason — and no excuse — for the cruel, unnecessary practice of dehorning to continue."