Runaway Deviled Eggs

No over-turned eggs with this attractive egg platter that makes serving the cocktail party favorite so easy.

Deviled eggs are a cocktail party favorite, especially down South. They’re easy to make and served cold, allowing you to make them in advance. Plus, they are the ideal vehicle for a variety of garnishes and flavorings, from the simple sweet relish and paprika or mustard and Tabasco, to the more adventuresome spinach and bacon or smoked salmon and scallion combinations.

Whether you like your deviled eggs a little more devilish than the rest of us, their greatest downfall is how to serve them at a party. The little egg halves don’t like to stay upright (especially when topped with a lavish garnish) and tend to roll around on a plate unless they’re packed in rows like sardines. It's makes picking up a half challenging for your guests.

The solution? An easy-to-clean and decorative egg plate. We like this earthenware design from Crate & Barrel that holds 18 egg halves in a beautiful, flower-like pattern. The grid-like construction makes the tray easy to hold when passing and each cup is spaced just so to allow fingers to pick up an egg without disrupting its neighbor. It’s also dishwasher and microwave-safe, so clean up is easy, too. The days of roly-poly deviled eggs are over. (Photo courtesy of Crate & Barrel)

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