A Rue McClanahan Cafe is Opening in New York

Golden Girls fans will be able to eat cheesecake at Rue’s Cafe
Rue McClanahan

Wikimedia/Kevin Buchsteigel

A Rue McClanahan-themed cafe full of Golden Girls memorabilia is scheduled to open in Manhattan this summer. Cheesecake will of course be involved. 

It looks like Golden Girls fans will soon have a new pilgrimage spot where they can gather to eat cheesecake and look at memorabilia, because a Rue McClanahan-themed cafe is opening this summer in Washington Heights.

According to the Official Rue McClanahan Memorial Page on Facebook, the cafe is under construction at a building currently marked “Sofia Bros.” in Washington Heights, near the George Washington Bridge, and it’s expected to be open later this summer.

“Now there will be a place in NYC where all Rue's fans can visit, see lots of her memorabilia, and sit around a table with some friends eating cheesecake and gabbing,” the Estate of Rue announced.


The restaurant will have costumes, photographs, magazine covers, and other memorabilia from Rue McClanahan and the Golden Girls. The menu is not yet set, but the site said it had potential recipes from McClanahan, and others from her friends and coworkers. Cheesecake will of course be involved.