Buffet Customers Brawl Over Crab Legs

Two people were arrested after a fight broke out over buffet crab legs
Crab legs


Two people were arrested after an argument over crab legs turned into a fight that left one person missing a tooth and a restaurant full of pepper spray. 

Crab legs might be one of the higher-end items on the average all-you-can-eat buffet, but they’re still not worth getting arrested over, which happened this weekend to two full-grown adults in Connecticut.

According to NBC Connecticut, some customers at the Royal Buffet in Manchester, Connecticut, got into a fight Saturday night over the buffet’s crab legs. It started out as a verbal fight, but then things got very out of hand. A teenager was punched in the face and lost a tooth, and the man who punched the teen got pepper-sprayed in the face by the teenager’s mother.

Police arrived at the scene after the pepper spray was deployed and arrested the man who threw the punch, and also that man’s wife. Both were charged with disorderly conduct, and the woman was charged with making threats and the man was charged with assault.


The mother who used the pepper spray was judged to have acted in self-defense and was not arrested, but the restaurant had to be closed down and vented because nobody wants to eat crab legs in a restaurant that’s full of pepper spray.