Roots Pizza: Starters + Shots Make Roots Pizza Superbly Special

Starters + Shots Make Roots Pizza Superbly Special

I know you're supposed to technically order pizza at a pizzeria. Roots Pizza makes a fine slice, but I can't part with my New York quality pies.

Having said that, their starters and boozy beverages make the trip beyond worthwhile. The Garlic Monkey Bread gives a tantalizing twist to one of my childhood faves. The Mozzarella Sticks they make, though, are the cheesy apple of my eye. The fact that they make their cheese in-house takes this usually-forgettable appetizer to a whole new level. If I didn't have cholesterol issues, I'd eat these babies for every meal.

Roots is seriously teasing their under-21 crowd with their kid-centric shots and sodas. Should you want to treat your sweet tooth to something cavity-inducing, jump for the Pop Rocks Shot. They line the bottom of the glass with rocks, so you best lick that up when you're done chugging. My personal favorite, though, is their naughty take on the Ginger Ale. It probably wouldn't do the trick if you were suffering from major motion sickness, but how can you resist the daintily dangerous elderflower liqueur?