Ron Swanson Is Not a Fan of Molecular Mixology

Nope, he does not want a whiskey-infused lotion

Poor Ron Swanson.

If we've been debating too much about whether mixology (including molecular mixology) has gone overboard, at least we know how Ron Swanson feels about it. How does Ron Swanson feel about it? Well, what do you think? 

Personally, Pawnee, Ind.'s fictional molecular mixology hot spot, Essence, is way more elaborate than anything we've seen (and that includes The Aviary's cotton candy take on the Piña Colada). The drinks we saw at Essence: 

• A cotton-candy version of a Bud Light (looking very similar to The Aviary's Piña Colada, now that we think about it)

• The Nimbus Martini (which looks like a giant water balloon, with an "aromosphere" that needs to be chiseled to release a liquored-up smoke)

• Scotch (which is really just a whiskey-infused hand lotion)

• Vodka (which is served in a beam of light, obviously)

You have to see it to believe it.