New Romantic Comedy Stars Estranged Lovers, elBulli-esque Restaurant

Watch the trailer for 'Tasting Menu,' a seemingly elBulli-inspired romantic comedy

There will never be a shortage of elBulli movies, especially if you can toss in some romance. According to Deadline, Magnolia Pictures has closed a deal on Spanish romantic comedy Tasting Menu, a movie that takes place in a very elBulli-esque restaurant.

According to a trailer, the love story takes place at the final dinner of "culinary mecca" Chakula, helmed by a female chef named the world's best chef three times in a row. She's closing it at the peak of her success.

In the meantime, a couple who booked a table at the restaurant a year in advance reconvene for one last dinner, even though they have been separated for a year. "As it’s the last night before the culinary gem closes forever, they decide they can’t miss the unique event and meet at the restaurant," Deadline reports. Awkward, but we would do that, too.

There is also a wise, sassy white-haired lady, a long-haired American geeking out over this last meal, and the chef herself teaching the couple about emulsions, a metaphor for relationships, apparently.

No word on when this will actually hit U.S. theaters, but anytime we can see some serious food porn while pulling out our box of chocolates and tissues is a good thing. As Grub Street writes, it's like Love Actually with all those elBulli recap pieces circa 2011, but maybe it'll be more like Love Actually with Cooking in Progress, which would combine two of our favorite things in one.

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