Robots and Tablets Take Over Restaurants

The most recent developments enhancing the dining-out experience
Robot Waiter

Robot Waiter


From food-focused social media platforms to tablet winelists, touch screen ordering to imagining a future without waiters, restaurants are wholeheartedly adapting to advances in technology and tapping into a growing pool of digital resources. Here is a look at recent developments meant to enhance the dining experience:

• E La Carte Restaurant Tablets: Silicon Valley start-up E La Carte will equip 20 restaurants with touch screen tablets in coming months. While tablets have been used in restaurants before, these will allow customers to order, split checks, and pay for their meal as well. 

• European McDonald's Introduces Touch Screen Cashiers: The fast-food giant plans to replace many of their human cashiers with touch screen computers at European locations. The new system will allow customers to pay only with credit or debit cards. 

• Tracking Asia's Robo-Waiter Trend: During the past few years robotic servers have popped up in restaurants in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, mainland China, and Thailand. As the trend grows, experts are looking into whether it could take hold globally


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