Roasted Heritage Turkey Recipe

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Roasted Heritage Turkey Recipe


A classic roast turkey recipe adapted from Jonathan Waxman of Barbuto, in New York City. Unlike regular turkeys, heritage birds have characteristics that more closely resemble those of their ancestors. The most noticeable at the dinner table? The deeper, meatier flavor. 

Deliver Ingredients


12-pound, free range, heritage turkey

4 ounces sweet butter

1 clove garlic, peeled and smashed

1 sage leaf, finely chopped

1/2 lemon, juiced


Heat oven to 425 degrees.

Wash, dry and rub turkey inside and out with butter, garlic, lemon, sage and salt and pepper.

Place the bird into the oven, and cook for about 10 minutes per pound, or less, about 2 hours for a 12 pound bird. After cooking for 30 minutes, baste the bird, and continue to baste every 15-30 minutes thereafter. Begin checking the temperature of the bird after 1 hour and 30 minutes, taking care not to overcook the bird.

Remove the bird when the temperature reaches 155-160 degrees when inserted in the thigh. Let the bird sit for 30 minutes, allowing the juices to re-distribute (the temperature will rise another 5-10 degrees) before carving.

Turkey Shopping Tip

Thanksgiving is not the only time to consume turkey. Now readily available year-round, be sure to take advantage of this chicken substitute.

Turkey Cooking Tip

For juicy meat, be sure to brine the turkey.