Ritz Releases New Bacon-Flavored Cracker

Ritz Crackers' newest flavor is bacon
Ritz Releases New Bacon-Flavored Cracker

Bacon-flavored crackers are here.

In the ongoing bacon-ification of everything (including alarm clocks), Ritz has introduced their new Bacon Ritz Crackers, and they want you to know that “if you thought bacon anywhere, any time was impossible…you’re wrong.”

As if people needed more convincing to give the new crackers a try, Ritz has also unleashed a sizable social media campaign to build up the hype.

In addition to taking over the hashtag #WithBacon, Ritz has released a commercial for a new portable bacon fryer so you can make bacon anywhere you go. (The ad is a fake though.)

As for taste test results, you should know that the new bacon crackers do indeed smell like bacon and leave your fingers a little oily, as if you were just holding a bacon strip between your fingers. They taste like Ritz crackers that have been hanging out near bacon, which is pretty much what we expected.

Although I doubt these will become a cupboard staple like the classic Ritz, they might add an interesting dimension to your next attempt at homemade Lunchables.  

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