Richard Blais on 'Try This at Home'

The 'Top Chef All-Stars' winner discusses his first cookbook
Richard Blais on 'Try This at Home'

The Top Chef All Star discusses his first cookbook

Richard Blais

Richard Blais was a fan favorite on Top Chef and Top Chef All-Stars, inspiring viewers with his modern take on cuisine that often included using techniqes such as sous vide or liquid nitrogen. But Blais heard a common refrain from his fans that they loved his food, but didn’t think they could ever tackle his recipes at home. So with that challenge in mind, Blais wrote the aptly titled Try This at Home. "The most frustrating thing to me was people saying 'Oh I can’t do your food'... This is stuff that anyone can do, really simple stuff — my version of home cooking."

The book also includes a wider range of recipes than you find in most cookbooks — everything from condiments to breakfast to dessert. "For me it’s really things that I like to eat... So condiments is a chapter which you don’t see in a lot of books, but is it about the hamburger or the ketchup sometimes?"


Watch the video above for more or if you are already convinced you can pre-order the book online.