An Unforgettable Dish at Austin’s Bullfight

A Spanish tapas spot serving a dish that simply must be experienced

The dish in question: roasted mushrooms, garlic, jamón-cured egg, and migas.

It’s not often I have a dish that stops me in my tracks; one that makes me regret every previous bite of the meal. One that makes me question why I didn’t seek out the dish before that meal. Recently I had such a dish. Let’s start at the beginning.

I had the privilege of being invited to a little tapas place, Bullfight, that I’d heard some good things about. Good food, nice place, lauded chef, on-point service: all the boxes I like to see checked when trying a new place. I met up with my wife for what I assumed to be another night of nice food, great wine, and excellent company. I’m not going to lie, this hobby of mine has some great perks.

We arrived at this open, airy, sleek, and modern place and were seated promptly. It was a Tuesday night, yet it was pretty busy, which is always a good sign. Our waitress was friendly, attentive, and made some good recommendations.

Now, tapas are always an exciting way to dine. You’re never stuck with one big plate of something that is just OK. Instead, with lots of small plates, you get to nibble your way around the table. Everything was fresh and high-quality, as well as balanced in flavors and presented well. From cured meats and beautiful cheeses in the charcuterie board to croquettes and fried eggplant, we were pleased with everything — especially the bacon-wrapped dates and grilled bread with a garbanzo paste, olives, cheese, and peppers. We were truly delighted at the contrast of tastes, textures, and presentations. Every three to four bites was a new experience.

And then it happened: Our waitress brought the one dish that changed the whole evening for me. No name, just a description: roasted mushrooms, garlic, jamón-cured egg, and migas. Sure, sounds simple enough, but this one dish changed the course of the evening — nay, the course of history for me. I literally looked at the waitress and said, “I am angry you didn’t just have me order five plates of this!” If you love umami flavor, this is a dish you must try some time. The mushrooms, garlic, and three different egg preparations make your head swim. I would rate this in the top three dishes of my life. I had to make sure this wasn’t one of those “seasonal specials,” and, thankfully, it is a permanent part of its ever-changing menu.

In case there are any questions as to my opinion on this place, it’s a yes, my friend. I must insist that you order the mushroom dish. Go and order three if you’d like. Glance over at the tables nearby, and if you see someone with six or seven servings of it on their table, stop by and say hello; I’d love to meet you.

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