Rosie’s Cafe: A Pleasant Surprise for the Taste Buds and Wallet in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Rosie’s Diner: A Pleasant Surprise for the Taste Buds and Wallet in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Rosie Warner of Rosie’s Cafe.

Rosie Warner hasn’t lacked for business since she opened her cafe in a nondescript strip mall in 1984. Even without advertising or a web site, she has managed to command a loyal following of hungry patrons who come for her home-style cooking, friendly service, and affordable prices.

Even after 30 years in business, many locals and tourists have never found their way to her door. Those that do will usually say something like, “I have heard about it but never been,” making it a pleasant surprise for those who try it for the first time. “Most of my customers are referrals,” says Warner, who frequently has lines out the door waiting for an open table or counter in the 49-seat eatery.

Rosie's cafe

Ron Stern

Customers line up for a seat in the classic interior.

Breakfast includes staples like bacon, eggs, and fried potatoes along with good local conversation about the happenings in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Lunch specials include turkey with stuffing, meat loaf beef stew, and liver and onions for a paltry $5.50.  In what could almost be described as Depression-era prices, how about a tasty cheeseburger for $2.85 or a delicious piece of banana cream pie for $2.00?

There have been four generations of Warner’s family involved in her business and she describes her overall experience as “wonderful.” Soon she will be turning operations over to her daughter Becky but thankfully, some things never change and in this case, having a meal just as if you were sitting in your mom’s kitchen will endure.