Red The Steakhouse: South Beach Chic

Dismiss the old school steakhouse concept at this modern, classy restaurant in trendy and chic South Beach, Miami

The 16-ounce rib-eye steak at Red The Steakhouse in South Beach.

"When in South Beach, do as South Beach does: Show up in a hot whip, stay in a five-star resort, live well, and eat well — as in the excitement of the color Red and the taste of a great steak," explains up-and-coming chef, Stephen L. Young, whose relayed his take on one of Miami’s hottest eateries to The Daily Meal:

From the moment you step onto the rich, dark hardwood floors, the warmth of Red The Steakhouse’s décor becomes quite obvious. Dismiss the old school steakhouse concept at this modern, classy restaurant in trendy and chic South Beach, Miami, where Peter Vauthy reigns as the chef in charge.

“We order and work with the best,” explains the chef. “If we don’t have what the world says is the best, we search for it until we track it down. We don’t deal with second-rate ingredients here.”

The cherry mojito is a great place to start. Crafted with the perfect balance of sweet cherry and tangy limes, the cocktail is a perfect set-up for Vauthy’s lemon garlic white gulf shrimp, which the chef himself attests were purchased straight from the fishermen, ensuring that the shellfish made it onto a plate in the dining room as quickly as possible. The naturally sweet shrimp were cooked until crisp and tender and served in a lemon, garlic, and white wine sauce.

The crunchy chili calamari is made with Loligo squid, and not many know that some of the freshest and most sought-after squid come from Boston, not the less expensive Chinese competitors. This is yet another case where chef Vauthy goes the extra mile to make an undeniably fresh difference on the palate, which is also pleased by the spicy Calabrian chili and garlic flavors in the dish.

Tomato and burrata salad is a modern take on the classic Caprese salad. Burrata is an Italian cheese similar to mozzarella, and its rich, buttery flavor perfectly complements the ripe heirloom tomatoes Vauthy has sourced, along with fresh basil and an aged balsamic reduction. This dish is an homage to the charming simplicity of Italian cuisine.

When it comes to steak, RED stays true to its Steakhouse title. Chef Vauthy prides himself on the use of Aged Certified Angus beef and Miyazaki Grade A5 Japanese Kobe beef. The 16-ounce ribeye steak delivers a luscious, almost melt in your mouth texture, with the natural beef flavor enhanced by a hint of butter.

Additionally priced must-try sideline stars include truffled whipped potatoes that yield the taste of truffles in every bite; a perfectly caramelized four-cheese baked mac and cheese that’s damn near a sin; buttery, sweet creamed corn with a crunch from a breadcrumb topping; and a steak’s best friend: seared mushrooms.