New York’s Corkbuzz Serves a Dignified Jazz Brunch

New York’s Corkbuzz Serves a Dignified Jazz Brunch
grilled cheese


Chef Deuhana Varga’s Mahón grilled cheese with saffron-apricot chutney.

As she takes her seat across from me at the high-top table, my friend Lindsay explains that her boyfriend was surprised that she was going to “a place like this.”

“Those jazz brunches are pretty wild, aren’t they? A guy at my job said people just get plastered at these things, and they get really crazy,” he told her.

I look over her shoulder at the trio of musicians gingerly setting down their instruments as they head out to take 5, then to the people around us quietly enjoying their food.

I tell her to hold her water glass in the air with wild abandon, and snap a photo. You know, just to keep the dream alive.

Fortunately, despite its location in a busy part of town (just below Union Square) populated by college students, CorkBuzz gives guests a low-key, live jazz brunch experience, and the food is delicious.

The entire seasonal brunch menu is made up of chef Deuhana Varga’s favorite brunch dishes from childhood, including lemon-ricotta pancakes and a Mahón grilled cheese with saffron-apricot chutney.

We thoroughly enjoyed eggs with prosciutto and ricotta on a sweet bun, fried oysters in a bacon and egg scramble, and poached eggs over pork belly.

The food is designed to be paired with specific wines, so if you drink, keep that in mind — Lindsay did have one Bloody Mary, but luckily, she was able keep from falling off her stool. 

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