Mr. Purple: A Stylish New Cocktail Hotspot on the Lower East Side

The rooftop bar affords some stunning views

The view from the bar is one of the Lower East Side's best.

The newest entry into the crowded playing field of Lower East Side bars is definitely one that’s worth noting: It’s called Mr. Purple, and as opposed to just about every other bar in the neighborhood, it’s located 15 stories up, at the top of the new Hotel Indigo.

The space is nothing short of gorgeous, with wrap-around windows; a 3,000 square foot artsy, loft-like interior with plenty of contemporary touches; and a big outdoor space with its own bar, lounges, and a pool. The bar is the focal point of the dimly-lit room, but there’s plenty of additional seating on couches and at tables for two.

Last weekend, we took a seat on one of the couches and had the opportunity to sample a variety of food and drinks. The food menu includes fried calamari, pigs in a blanket, chicken and chorizo croquettes, chicken or steak tacos, salads, a Pat LaFrieda burger, grilled cheese, roast chicken, hanger steak, and Second Avenue Deli corned beef on rye. Brunch is also served; whether you’re looking for a full meal or just some bar bites they’ve got you covered.

The food was certainly tasty, especially those pigs in a blanket, but the bar program here is really something else. $15 cocktails include a house-carbonated and bottled Moscow mule and negroni; gin and tonic with housemade lavender, lemongrass, and allspice tonic; the Old Cuban (Bacardi 8, mint, lime juice, bitters, and Champagne); Lady in Red (vodka, Combier, cranberry liqueur, lemon juice, and nutmeg); and the flagship Mr. Purple (made with Casamigos reposado tequila, cranberry liqueur, allspice dram, apple, and lemon). These cocktails are expertly made, and a whole lot of fun to drink.

Mr. Purple is no joke: It’s a serious cocktail bar that takes what it does very seriously, but also exudes a warm, fun-loving atmosphere that makes it just about impossible to not have a good time. Watch out once warm weather rolls around again, because it’s going to become even more of a hotspot once that terrace opens.