This Manhattan Burger Joint Will Make You Rethink the Typical Burger

This Manhattan Burger Joint Will Make You Rethink the Typical Burger

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Mel’s is home to one of America’s best burgers.

For the burger-lover trying to do the burger tour of the United States, or just someone who is looking for an awesome meal in New York City, we know the place for you.

Home to one of America’s best burgers, Mel’s Burger Bar is a place you need to try for a truly unique burger experience.

While all the burgers there are delicious and worth noting, there’s one in particular that should catch your eye. With the name like The Dirty Hipster, you would think that you ventured out of the Upper West Side and ended up in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Don’t be fooled though, you’re still in Manhattan, and you’re about to bite into a delicious piece of meat.

I promise you, this burger will revolutionize the way you eat burgers for the rest of your life. It’s rare that you see a burger with spinach dip on it, but there’s something about it that truly makes it delicious. The combination of the spinach dip mixed with the cheese and onion rings may sound like a mouthful (and may actually be a mouthful at that), but it’s a mouthful you won’t regret having.

That being said, The Dirty Hipster is not the only burger worth noting. When you see what’s on The Widowmaker, you’ll understand what I mean. Take your typical bacon cheeseburger and add mac n’ cheese on top of it for a delicious amount of greatness.

The expansive beer collection they have will add an extra dash of greatness to your meal. With over 40 unique craft beers at their disposal, there is no way you will be disappointed with one of their drinks. You can even attempt to join their Brew Crew, and truly get VIP status to this uptown joint.

Here’s the point: if you’re looking for an amazing burger with good beer to match it, stop by Mel’s Burger Bar for a fulfilling meal.  

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